The new normal needs a new approach to clinician support

Nyree Whitley, Group Clinical Director, discusses how {my}dentist has evolved the support it offers clinicians so they can not only meet NHS expectations, but also grow their private incomes and develop their careers.

Throughout the pandemic a record number of clinicians have chosen to join the {my}dentist team, which is great to see.

Clinicians tell us the support we offer is attractive. Whether that’s through helping them reach their career ambitions, achieving a healthier work-life balance, becoming part of a network of more than 3,000 peers, investing in cutting edge equipment, or providing the training, mentoring and flexibility to grow their private income.

And that support has become even more valuable as our clinicians practise during incredibly challenging times.

A phased approach to onboarding new clinicians

Given how challenging conditions remain we understand that clinicians may have concerns about achieving the NHS 60% UDA expectation at a new practice.  As a clinician myself, I know it takes time to settle into a role and build up a patient base, especially if you’ve relocated to a new area. That’s why, for the first two months, we have a grace period where dentists are paid in full while they adapt to their new practice.

Reducing fallow time with £1.25m investment

One of the overriding obstacles stopping patients from receiving the dental care they need, and clinicians from growing capacity and meeting their NHS expectations where they apply, is fallow time. That’s why we’ve invested more than £1.25m across our practices to introduce state-of-the-art air filtration units that provide at least 10 air changes an hour and, in turn, reduce fallow periods to just 10 minutes.

Investment in new technology to keep clinicians on track

We developed an app to help clinicians keep track of their performance. It provides forecasts and real-time data on the UDAs they’ve completed. The data can also be seen by our team of clinical directors and clinical support managers who, at a glance, can respond to a dentist who may need extra support.

We’ve also overhauled our patient diary systems. Our smart diaries help practices manage clinician time more effectively and efficiently.

Beginning and growing a private career

We’ve seen a huge take-up in our affordable approach to private dentistry, {my}options. At the end of 2020 more than 80,000 patients had benefited from {my}options, and more than 2,600 clinicians had got involved.

Developing a genuinely affordable approach to private dentistry is solving two problems that are critical for the future of dentistry – It is allowing dentists to grow the careers that are right for them, whilst ensuring that more patients than ever before get access to the affordable care they need. {my}options has already shown how much demand there is from patients and clinicians for a new approach to affordable private dentistry.

For clinicians who want to find a better balance between their private and NHS work, the support is there. Through the {my}dentist Academy clinicians have access to world class training ranging from CPD through to courses to become Clear Correct and Smile Fast providers – all of the courses are discounted and can also be supported through one-to-one peer mentoring.

Last year alone, through the academy we delivered 70,000 hours of CPD and helped more clinicians grow their careers in innovative new treatments.

A network of support

{my}dentist has worked hard to create a robust support structure and take the pressure off clinicians so they can focus on the part of the job they love – treating patients.

The support team provides everything patients, and clinicians, need. We have a dedicated Patient Support team, marketing, legal, HR and a network of clinical directors, clinical support managers, and mentors on hand to provide clinicians with one-to-one support.

{my}dentist has created the largest clinical support network of any dental provider in the country, with more than 400 private and NHS mentors. And it’s always growing, with experienced clinicians able to earn an additional £10,000 a year by becoming one themselves.

Paying clinicians fairly and consistently

When it comes to NHS expectations for clinicians in England, we have done everything possible to support clinicians to grow activity.

Our approach is simple – we follow NHS guidance and pay clinicians up-front, based on their full annual contract, less a labs deduction, and divide it up into monthly payments.

As dentistry evolves so too should the support clinicians receive

Our approach to supporting clinicians is working. We have supported our clinicians to build their careers, grow their private revenues by more than a quarter, and meet challenging NHS expectations.

The last year has been tough, but at {my}dentist we’ve done everything we can to support our dentists, and we’ll emerge from the pandemic in a better position than ever.

If you would like more information about joining {my}dentist and the dental careers we can offer, please visit  or email

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