Our newest {my}orthodontist has opened its doors!

It’s with great pleasure we can announce the opening of our brand new {my}orthodontist practice in Durham. The new practice is a four-chair practice located in Harrison House, which was a former organ factory. It is within walking distance of the city centre, rail and bus stations and also has ample access to street parking. The practice itself is on the ground floor level and offers both private and NHS treatments.
Orthodontics is a crucial part of our business, {my}orthodontist was created to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to give every orthodontic practice the support it needs to grow, deliver new contracts where they are being mobilised and, most importantly, ensure the quality of care we are delivering to patients is better than ever.
We now have 40 {my}orthodontist practices across the country all welcoming both NHS and private patients through their doors. If you are interested in finding out about specialist vacancies within our ortho practices please contact Laura Harris at lharris@mydentist.co.uk alternatively you can view all our latest vacancies here

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