How {my}dentist has fought our corner during Covid-19

One of the benefits that attracted Dr Sam King to join the {my}dentist team in 2018 as an associate dentist was the support system that’s available to clinicians. But he admits he could never have predicted then just how important a lifeline it would be in 2020.

“I’m lucky to have so much support available to me at {my}dentist. I can’t imagine what is must be like to work in normal times without that – let alone during a pandemic,” says Sam.

When clinicians join the team at {my}dentist they don’t just become part of the largest network of dental practices in the UK, they also become part of one of the largest support networks too.

From a dedicated Patient Support team, to a team of clinician support managers and directors on hand for mentoring, development and guidance, through to regional area management, legal, human resources, a training academy and marketing – you name it the support is there.

“{my}dentist went above and beyond to look after me, the team and our patients during lockdown. And that support continues.

“Lockdown was very strange. Overnight everything changed. But {my}dentist was quick to respond and the support system kicked in straight away not only for clinicians, but the whole team and our patients. How {my}dentist behaved during lockdown really exceeded all of my expectations.

“Of course, my first concern was for my patients. But I was also worried how I would cope. I’m self-employed and if I couldn’t work how could I pay my bills, my mortgage? I’m sure I wasn’t the only dentist thinking those same things – but luckily {my}dentist reassured us.

“They were fighting out corner to make sure NHS clinicians got paid. They didn’t need to do that – I’m sure many others didn’t.

“There wasn’t a time when I felt left out on a limb during lockdown. I still felt very much part of a large team and the communication from the business was clear and regular”.

Sam works five days a week between two of {my}dentist’s Welsh practices in Bargoed and Crickhowell.

“Throughout lockdown we received weekly emails from Nyree Whitley, the group clinical director. We also had weekly safety       update video calls with our area development manager and clinical support manager which gave the opportunity to ask questions and to be kept informed – this was so important as it was hard to keep up with all the changes across the UK and how it impacted clinicians like me working in Wales where lockdown has been different to England and Scotland.”

One of those differences was that practices in Wales could see emergency cases in practice during lockdown.

“At no time did I ever feel unsafe seeing patients. {my}dentist made sure of it. Safety has been paramount for us and our patients. That’s been felt by our patients as well as the team – they’ve gone over and above to do what’s right for them and for us.”

{my}dentist has, and continues, to make significant investment to ensure all of its practices are safe and comfortable environments for patients to visit and its teams to work.

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