{my}options – A clinician’s view

Dr Maria Otero Coves has worked at mydentist High Street, Bargoed, for nine years. She was one of the first clinicians to offer mydentist’s new, affordable private approach as part of an initial pilot programme.

Affordable, private dentistry

Designed to bridge the gap between NHS and full private dental care, {my}options provides a low-cost solution for people who are either finding difficulties accessing NHS care, or those who want some of the benefits of private care including longer and more convenient appointments, without the high price.

Access to dentistry in South Wales is a major issue. An investigation by Wales Online in December 2018 revealed that 88 per cent of NHS practices were closed to new patients. Patients without a dentist in Bargoed faced a round trip of around 30-miles for an examination with an NHS clinician.

Everyone needs access to good oral healthcare

Maria said: “The benefits of {my}options for both patients and clinicians are huge. Over time, a growing number of people have found themselves in need of a dentist yet unable to access NHS care. That is a particular problem in South Wales where we just don’t have enough NHS availability for the whole community.

“{my}options offers choice and makes dentistry affordable, giving more patients the ability to access good dental care when they need it. Check-ups are only £32 which is only a little more than on the NHS, and it’s been incredibly liberating for the whole practice team to tell patients that we can give them another way of seeing us much sooner than they may have done previously.

“Since launching {my}options we have had patients through the door who had all but given up on seeing a dentist and it has been fantastic to get them back on the road to full oral health.

“As a clinician, {my}options provides a welcome change as we can spend longer with patients in their initial consultations, build a rapport and fully explain their dental health and any treatment plans.

“As well as essential dental care, under {my}options we’re also able to offer an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments which is also bringing more variety to my working day.

Shaping the future of dentistry

“I really do believe that {my}options will transform the way people access dentistry in the UK. Patients have more choice and the ability to see a dentist sooner, or flexibility to upgrade their treatment for a small extra cost to access benefits such as convenient appointment times.

“Meanwhile, clinicians will be able to find a better balance between NHS and private work and take their career in whatever direction they choose. It really does give a solution to everyone.”

mydentist is set to rollout myoptions across the country to make affordable dental care a choice for people wherever they live.

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